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A new summer course on an exciting new use of ICT has been developed by NCTE and Lero and is now available for booking through local education centres in 30 venues around the country.Scratch programming and Numeracy in Senior Primary Classes (NCTE/Lero)’ is aimed at teachers of 4th, 5th and 6th classes, but will be of interest to most primary teachers as there are many opportunities for cross curricular application in the course and lots of teachers using it with younger classes.


This summer course focuses on the use of Scratch to support the concepts, content and skills of the primary Mathematics curriculum. Participants will learn the basics of Scratch programming and will explore how it can be used in the classroom to support numeracy. Participants will also consider how Scratch can be used across other curricular areas such as language, SESE, Music and Visual Arts. As part of the course participants will create their own Scratch project.


Places on this course can be booked through the network of local education centres.  Please see the  course description on the NCTE website and contact your local education centre to book a place. The course is approved for EPV days.


For a flavour of what Scratch and the course are all about, here are some extracts from what one Irish teacher said about a recent NCTE funded Scratch course:


“I really enjoyed the course and left with an array of knowledge. I was thrilled with the amount of strands from the curriculum covered in the few activities. Incredible fun was had with much use of English language and amazing stories were created. 


Several strands from the Maths curriculum were introduced such as an awareness of direction, space, co-ordinates, size and the importance of timing. Art played a major role in the creation of backgrounds, costumes for sprites and a facility was available to use paintbox. Music and sound were used in all activities.


Overall this is a powerful tool with great potential and as usual the pupils adapt to it much easier than the adults. I think it would really enhance teaching in any classroom. I am really glad I had the opportunity to attend the course.”

For more information, please click on the following links:

·         An article published in InTouch on Scratch

·         NCTE course description

·         NCTE course schedule


This course will also run at the Irish Computer Society on July 30th to August 3rd. Click here to register.

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