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Lero - Irish Software Engineering Research Centre

Click here to open the teaching guide for Module 1.


  • Lesson 1 - Computers Rule the World

    Discussion about the importance of computer programming in our everyday lives. An answer is provided to the question "What is Scratch?"


  • Lesson 2 - Say "Hello" to Scratch

    Introduction to the look and feel of Scratch. Write your first script (computer program) using Scratch.

  • Lesson 3 - Playing with Pictures

    Change the appearance of Scratch characters and background images.

  • Lesson 4 - Tell me what to do

    Computers need instructions to tell them what to do. This activity investigates how to provide effective instructions to solve everyday problems.


  • Lesson 5 - Playing with Music

    Now it’s time to start interacting with the characters. A sprite will be programmed to move in different directions and play music using keyboard controls.

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