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Lero - Irish Software Engineering Research Centre

The following Transition Unit has been developed in accordance with NCCA guidelines.

  • Introduction                       Introduction to the unit of work
  • Module 1                            Getting Started
  • Module 2                            Drawing Shapes and Repeating
You need to register here to access Modules 3-10, Appendices, Complete Set & Recommended Timings. If you have lost or forgotten your password please Email us.
  • Module 3                            Searching and Sorting
  • Module 4                            Build a Game
  • Module 5                            Revision with Scratch Cards
  • Module 6                            Changing Things
  • Module 7                            Solving Complex Problems
  • Module 8                            Research Project
  • Module 9                            Advanced Game
  • Module 10                          Scratch Project
  • Appendices                         Unit Marking Sheet etc
  • Complete Set                      Set of Teaching Materials
  • Recommended Timings      Recommended timings for course

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